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Care for your hair

Who doesn’t want healthy and lustrous hair? But the main drill is to look after it. What to do what not to do is a dilemma when it comes to taking care of the hair. Too much of anything is harmful after all.









Here are some common problems that we come across while maintaining our hair and the measures we can take to prevent these problems from occurring.

Women as well as men both face problems like hairfall, rough frizzy hair, early greying etc. There can be various factors that can be a cause of this, both internal as well as external.

These are some of the common external hair related problems –

Stress – As soon as a person is under stress, it becomes evident with the amount of hair loss the person is facing. It can not only increase hair fall but also greying of hair. The normal amount of strands per day for women is around100-150 whereas for men around 100 strands. Calming down, relaxing will not only maintain your health but also the health of your hair.

Food – What we eat is what we are. If there is proper amount of nutrition intake, it will be clearly seen on your skin and hair. Hair will become healthy, soft and shiny if you intake foods that are good for your hair. Roots get nourished making them stronger that will reduce the amount of hairfall to a vast extent.

Some internal problems that cause hair damage are –

Water – Washing hair with hard water can cause severe damage leading to hair fall, frizzy hair, and dandruff, making your hair look dull, lifeless and scanty. If you have an option of washing your hair with soft water, nothing can be better than that.

Shampoo – Certain chemical based shampoos feel good in the beginning but eventually affect the well-being of your hair. It can wash away the natural oils causing the scalp to secrete oils from the scalp that not only makes your scalp look oily but can cause dandruff.

Tying hair tightly – This is the most common mistake some of us do is to keep our hair tied constantly. What this can do is create a lot of tension and pull in hair causing it to break from the roots. It is always better to keep your hair loosely tied or open sometimes to avoid the breakage.

Heat – The hair styling tools that use heat can cause frizz and burnt, dull looking hair over the time. Avoid these as much as possible. Using heatless methods to curl, straighten or dry hair is the best way. If you use tools that heat up, make sure to use a hair protectant spray and most importantly oil and nourish your hair regularly.

To conclude with, it is important to take care of your hair as much as your skin. The above mentioned were some common hair problems that can be avoided. In the next blog, we shall discuss the different methods with which you can take better care of your hair and pamper it.

Maintain the health of your skin

When we hear the term “routine”, it sounds like a whole lot of hassle to go through. Taking care of the health of your skin becomes easier when you maintain it. Practicing these simple steps on a regular basis will help you retain its health.

  • Keep it clean: Cleaning your skin, with a cleanser and a facewash, is the most basic step that you must make sure not to skip. Do not rub into your skin, instead use gentle motion to wipe away any makeup and dirt on the face and neck areas. Wash it off with an organic face cleanser and pat dry. At the same time, overdoing the cleaning process also might result in washing away the natural moisture that is essential for the skin.
    There is availability of 100 percent organic products in the market.
  • Clean your skin before bed.
  • Keep your skin hydrated: Probably this is the step that you might have heard and come across many times. Water is very essential, not only for the skin but for the entire body. It helps keep toxins at bay. When you drink adequate amounts of water, you will notice your skin becoming supple and look fresh. Spritz your face with natural face mists; it will not only hydrate your skin but also awaken and refresh it. Simply drink little amounts of water throughout the day.
  • Moisturize: Moisturizing is also an important to maintain the elasticity, keeping you look young, keeping your skin blemish and acne free. Drying off the skin is just like inviting skin troubles. Vitamin E, especially really helps the skin to become soft and baby-like.
    Use a moisturizer after bath and at night.
  • Use a sunscreen: Exposing the skin directly to the sun can lead to damaging of the skin over a period of time. Applying sunscreen to all the exposed parts of the body before stepping out of the house will avoid the potential harm that the harmful UV rays can cause.
    An addition of sunscreen in your steps before applying your make-up will protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Change your pillow covers very often: Yes! This is a very important step. Your pillow cover accumulates dirt and oil form your hair and skin. When you sleep, your face rests on the same pillow and transfers all the germs on your face causing breakouts and other skin troubles.
    So make it a point to change your pillow covers very often.
  • Sleep like a baby: Now that you have fresh pillow covers, sleep like a baby. Sleep is extremely essential for the skin’s health. The skin rejuvenates itself when we sleep. Notice how our skin looks dull when we haven’t slept enough.
    Get your 8 to 9 hours of beauty sleep and gift your skin a healthy glow.
  • These steps can easily become a part of your daily routine. Following it will make your skin clean, clear and baby like.

Why use natural products to take care of skin?

The skin is a sponge; whatever you apply on it gets absorbed.

In our Busy world today, we are faced with many options about what to buy, what not to buy. This, when we are already struggling with managing our time well. In such scenarios it becomes easy for us to choose what is grandly branded, as  it sells well. But it’s not necessary that something that is branded well is always good for you. Let’s focus on skin care products for instance. There is always an uncertainty when it comes to choosing between natural or commercial market based products, which are in trend. Let me split it down for you.

We all are well aware that skin care products, the ones that aren’t natural, contain chemicals. What is a chemical? A ‘chemical’ is something that is prepared artificially, often containing synthetic ingredients. Many of them can bring a quick visible difference on your skin. However, once you stop using it, the effect goes away; so you start using it on a regular basis to maintain the desired effect. The sad truth is that once these chemicals come in contact with the skin, they get absorbed. Scary right!? Need more reasons to switch to Natural Skincare –

Too lazy to wait for results:
When you sow a seed, it will not bear flowers overnight; the plant will take its specified time to grow and then bear the fruits. Same is the case with natural skin care products, it will not show you visible effects overnight but will slowly and surely work towards the betterment of your skin. To your surprise most Natural products may also give you great results within a week.

To be impressive, we expect any product to show results immediately. For this reason, all the gimmicky products have taken over the market because of their instantaneity. But what happens in the longer run? The skin acts like a sponge that absorbs the harmful and toxic chemicals that seep deeply inside the layers of your skin. Side-effects like acne, skin allergies, rashes causing bumps and blisters, are often a consequence of using chemical based products continuously. Not only this but long term usage will also cause premature ageing and sagging of your skin and honestly, who wants to look old early?

Natural skin care products are also pretty much capable of showing instant results.
Alanna’s Activated Charcoal & Green Tea soap is a practical example for the same. It will start showing visible results within a week’s time on tough problems like acne! Despite being this potential acne-fighter, it is also very suitable for sensitive skin. Check the link below –


Skin’s health:
We take efforts to maintain our health by trying to eat right. We must give our skin the right natural nourishment that can leave a long term effect on the outside as well. By using natural skin care products, you not only give the right nourishment to the outer layer but also to the deep inner layers of your skin that can help maintain it for a longer time.  As a result you become beautiful inside out.

Commercial products  are too harsh and harmful for the skin:

All products require some preservative to retain its shelf life; some products are required to be immediately used or refrigerated as soon as they are opened. Any product is capable of attracting fungus and bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with the environment. Chemical based products use preservatives that are highly toxic and will leave bad side-effects as they seep inside the skin. Natural products use natural preservatives, which might have only additional benefits if not anything else.

Environment friendly:

Another benefit of using natural skincare products is that, they will not cause harm to the environment when they go down the drain. Exfoliators have granules that help get rid of the dead skin layer. The microbeads present in the products that aren’t natural, are synthetic or plastic that can clog drains; even if they pass the drains, they can harm the aquatic life when the fishes consume these insoluble particles. Natural skincare products have ingredients that are mild on the skin and ecofriendly; they get dissolved and even when they mix with water, they will not be harmful for the aquatic life.

Be aware of what you buy: 

Lastly, we must be aware of what we are buying. There are many products in the market that look natural but we do have the handy option of reading the ingredients. If you do not understand any ingredient, make sure to search about it and know if the product is natural or chemical based.

Switch to Natural Skincare for a better future for your Skin and the Planet.

Alanna offers a range of natural products that are skin-friendly as well as ecofriendly.

You can try exotic scrubs that have 100 percent natural ingredients. Check the link below –


-Neha S. Rathod

Natural skin care sees no gender

I regret taking care of my skin – said no one ever..

When speaking about skin care, the first picture popping up in our head is that of a woman. The notion is, only women need skincare. Men deny the need for it, but secretly, they want to try out their wife’s or girlfriend’s skin care stuff too! When any product, specifically made for men launches in the market, men tend to be driven towards it because the “formula” is for the tough skin.

But do men really need skin care products? Wouldn’t it be very girly if a man starts taking care of his skin? The answer is, no! It is advisable for men to take care of their skin as well, maybe not as much as a woman does. It is said that a man’s skin is much younger as compared to the skin of a woman of the same age. But factors such as sun exposure, skin aging due to UV radiation does not make this apparent enough nowadays.

It is as important for men too, to be well-dressed and well-groomed as much as having a clean skin, that is not dull and blotchy. After all, cleaning out impurities can’t be a bad option. We have 7 simple steps that men can slip in their day-to-day schedules to take care of their skin.

Let your eyes speak

Working hours can be tiring to your mind as well as your skin. Like our body, our skin needs time to rejuvenate, which happens while we are asleep. Sleeping for a good 7 to 8 hours will help in getting rid of those baggy under eyes and dark circles.

Using a good under-eye gel can be very relaxing and soothing to your eyes. 
Under Eye Gel By Alanna

          Under Eye Gel By Alanna

Sweat it out to bring a glow

It is not necessary that you have to join a gym to follow this step. All you need is a good amount of physical activity like jogging or brisk walking, enough for you to sweat and get rid of those toxins from the skin. Blood circulation throughout the body will help in making you glow. Do not forget to take a shower sometime after the workout. Cleaning out the toxins that the body exudes will help unclog and clearing pores to help your skin breathe better.

Eat right, feel bright
You are what you eat – Our health and skin are a byproduct of what we intake. Consuming food made in excessive oil, food that cannot be digested easily can cause breakouts and make you feel exhausted overall.
Fruits are high in anti-oxidants that can help skin from aging, wrinkling, and cellular damage. Eating every 2 hours instead of eating a lot at once can help you remain a lot more active.

Likewise, water is essential too! We are all aware that consuming plenty of water throughout the day can help get rid of toxins. Not only that but also helps in making the skin flexible that helps in keeping wrinkles at bay. Water also helps in keeping or mind fresh and active and boosts metabolism.

Shed the dead layers Exfoliate
Shaving is a form of exfoliation. Men have been practicing and unknowingly exfoliating their faces. Exfoliation gently removes the dead layers of the skin, revealing a fresh, soft and healthy layer. It is healthy to exfoliate twice in a month. It is always better to get rid of the unwanted layers forming on our body. You can also get rid of discolored, tanned skin through this process.
Using a natural scrub will shed off the dead skin without irritating it and causing any bruises.

Detox Facial and Body Scrub By Alanna

Detox Facial and Body Scrub By Alanna

Shield yourself from the sun
Now that you have shed off all the unwanted layers of the skin, it is also important to protect it from the harmful UV rays. Sunburn, discolouration, redness of the skin are results of the harmful UV rays. A good sunscreen is very important to be used on a daily basis to keep the skin protected. Understanding what is SPF p++ and terms like that are also very important.

Estrange stress, welcome peace

We all are aware of the adverse effects that stress can be in our lives. Not only does it drain down our mind but also causes visible damage to our hair and skin; Premature graying of hair and dullness of skin, to name a few.
Get time to revitalize by spending time with nature. It is not compulsory to sit for hours in meditation for bringing peace; learning to balance out thoughts and living every moment to the fullest is one way.  

Get rid of bad habits

Habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol are harmful to your body as well as for your skin. It is advisable to get rid of these habits slowly for the environment as well as for your own self.

We all might have heard or read some or the other factors mentioned above but this is just a reminder for all the men who really wish to take care of their body and skin, that it is never too late to start taking care.
For that matter, using natural products, to maintain your body and skin is also a great option. Natural skin care products do not have any side-effects and are not gender specific. Alanna offers a range of skin and hair care products that not only smell great but also help the skin to revive and heal naturally.
Follow the 7 steps along with taking care of your skin with the help of nature, it will definitely bring long lasting results.
Until next time, stay happy, feel happy! 

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