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by Rashi Bahel Mehra •

Maintain the health of your skin

When we hear the term “routine”, it sounds like a whole lot of hassle to go through. Taking care of the health of your skin becomes easier when you maintain it. Practising these simple steps on a regular basis will help you retain its health.  Keep it clean: Cleaning your skin, with a cleanser and a facewash, is the most basic step that you must make sure not to skip. Do not rub into your skin, instead use gentle motion to wipe away any makeup and dirt on the face and neck areas. Wash it off with an organic face cleanser and pat dry. At the same time, overdoing the cleaning process also might result in washing away the natural moisture that is essential for the skin. There is availability of 100 percent organic products in the market. Clean your skin before bed.               Keep your skin hydrated: Probably this is the step that you might have heard and come across many times. Water is very essential, not only for the skin but for the entire body. It helps keep toxins at bay. When you drink adequate amounts of water, you will notice your skin becoming supple and look fresh. Spritz your face with natural face mists; it will not only hydrate your skin but also awaken and refresh it. Simply drink little amounts of water throughout the day.               Moisturize: Moisturizing is also an important to maintain the elasticity, keeping you look young, keeping your skin blemish and acne free. Drying off the skin is just like inviting skin troubles. Vitamin E, especially really helps the skin to become soft and baby-like. Use a moisturizer after bath and at night.                 Use a sunscreen: Exposing the skin directly to the sun can lead to damaging of the skin over a period of time. Applying sunscreen to all the exposed parts of the body before stepping out of the house will avoid the potential harm that the harmful UV rays can cause. An addition of sunscreen in your steps before applying your make-up will protect your skin from sun damage. Change your pillow covers very often: Yes! This is a very important step. Your pillow cover accumulates dirt and oil form your hair and skin. When you sleep, your face rests on the same pillow and transfers all the germs on your face causing breakouts and other skin troubles. So make it a point to change your pillow covers very often.   Sleep like a baby: Now that you have fresh pillow covers, sleep like a baby. Sleep is extremely essential for the skin’s health. The skin rejuvenates itself when we sleep. Notice how our skin looks dull when we haven’t slept enough. Get your 8 to 9 hours of beauty sleep and gift your skin a healthy glow. These steps can easily become a part of your daily routine. Following it will make your skin clean, clear and baby like.