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4-in-1 Mud Mask

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

Beautiful skin requires commitment and not a miracle. 
While the onset of winter transports you to a wonderland that is cherished with frosty mornings and toasty mugs, It wreaks havoc to your skin This winter, don’t let this weather drive you away from your soft, clear and hydrated skin, follow these tips and retain the moisture your skin deserves. 

Perfecting a skin care routine is not that easy too, each skin type thrives well under different conditions, Alanna is a hidden chest of Nature that is helping you on the quest to stick to a healthy skin routine. Don’t let the thought of a regime appall you from trying something completely extraordinary, our 4-in 1 exotic clay mask/pack will retain the lost essence and nourishment back to your skin. A perfect and organic blend of exotic clays extracted from the royal heritage of Rajasthan and the calming waters of Kerala, the 4-in-1 mud pack helps the skin regain its hydration and glow. The clay mask is a unique combination of Volcanic clay, French Red clay, Kolin clay, Red sandalwood Pulp, oil and a dash of turmeric. Known to be the purest form of clay, Volcanic clay is a boon emerging from the residues of volcanoes which is rich in minerals and has a high silicon content. 

This handcrafted blend calms the agitated skin leaving it fresh and its skins tightening qualities leave it soft and firm. High in iron oxide, the French red clay is extracted from the lands of Aquitaine. An exquisite form of clay, it helps in the rejuvenation by exfoliation, cleansing and detoxifying the tired skin. 

A combination of Red Sandalwood Pulp and Oil is emanated from the mighty forests of Southern India, inheriting cooling properties this blend reduces acne and controls excess oils. Adding to that, this mixture is also beneficial in fighting against the suntan and dull skin and replaces that with a radiant glow. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties turmeric is the age-old magical ingredient that helps in the revival of the skin and brings back a glow. 

A perfect fusion of nature’s boons, the facial mud mask is an eco-friendly option to give your skin all that it deserves. 

You can follow the following simple steps to apply the mask: - Wash your face with water and avoid soap. - Dry your face with a soft towel - Scoop out the mud and apply it gently - Avoid applying the mask to your eyes and lips. - Wait for fifteen to twenty minutes - Wash off the mud mask with the face mist - Rinse and dry your face 

Clay Mask is a piece of nature’s bounty that has become 2018 most favored product but using clay is not a new or unique phenomenon, it’s a vital ingredient that was quite prevalent in the yester years. Due to its anti bacterial properties it has always been one of the safest beauty bet. What makes clay stand out in the bandwagon of natural beauty is the fact that it heals more than just skin, it helps in cooling and detoxifying the entire body. And what is put on our skin is absorbed by the body so if you are all about eating the greens, it you should be all about putting the greens too. Once you try a hydrating clay mask like ours, the word regime will never scare you anymore and it would soon be your first and only choice to pamper your skin.

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