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Care for your hair

by Rashi Bahel Mehra |

Who doesn’t want healthy and lustrous hair? But the main drill is to look after it. What to do what not to do is a dilemma when it comes to taking care of the hair. Too much of anything is harmful after all. 

Here are some common problems that we come across while maintaining our hair and the measures we can take to prevent these problems from occurring. 

Women as well as men both face problems like hairfall, rough frizzy hair, early greying etc. There can be various factors that can be a cause of this, both internal as well as external. 

These are some of the common external hair related problems – 

Stress – As soon as a person is under stress, it becomes evident with the amount of hair loss the person is facing. It can not only increase hair fall but also greying of hair. The normal amount of strands per day for women is around100-150 whereas for men around 100 strands. Calming down, relaxing will not only maintain your health but also the health of your hair. 

Food – What we eat is what we are. If there is proper amount of nutrition intake, it will be clearly seen on your skin and hair. Hair will become healthy, soft and shiny if you intake foods that are good for your hair. Roots get nourished making them stronger that will reduce the amount of hairfall to a vast extent. 

Some internal problems that cause hair damage are – 

Water – Washing hair with hard water can cause severe damage leading to hair fall, frizzy hair, and dandruff, making your hair look dull, lifeless and scanty. If you have an option of washing your hair with soft water, nothing can be better than that. 

Shampoo – Certain chemical based shampoos feel good in the beginning but eventually affect the well-being of your hair. It can wash away the natural oils causing the scalp to secrete oils from the scalp that not only makes your scalp look oily but can cause dandruff. 

Tying hair tightly – This is the most common mistake some of us do is to keep our hair tied constantly. What this can do is create a lot of tension and pull in hair causing it to break from the roots. It is always better to keep your hair loosely tied or open sometimes to avoid the breakage. 

Heat – The hair styling tools that use heat can cause frizz and burnt, dull looking hair over the time. Avoid these as much as possible. Using heatless methods to curl, straighten or dry hair is the best way. If you use tools that heat up, make sure to use a hair protectant spray and most importantly oil and nourish your hair regularly. 

To conclude with, it is important to take care of your hair as much as your skin. The above mentioned were some common hair problems that can be avoided. In the next blog, we shall discuss the different methods with which you can take better care of your hair and pamper it.

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