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For Every Natural Beauty Lovers

Every natural product loving maidens’ search stops at Alanna because our handmade beauty elements mixtures soothe their skins and promote youthful health. Our artisans blend of body soaps, body creams, hair oils, lip scrubs, and many other products are sourced from accredited organic vendors from around the world and are handcrafted to a create a blissful skin rejuvenating experience with affordability.

Handcrafted Beauty Love

The love begins as we explore our inner world, and our love for natural beauty elements started as we discovered the exquisite realm of natural beauty ingredients. We all know the hidden gems of mother nature provide love and nourishment to our whole being and rejuvenates our body and soul. Our experiments with those elements led us to many great discoveries in natural beauty products for women’s hair and skin. Therefore, we wanted to share all those handmade beauty products with you which spreads only one message, you are naturally beautiful.
While there are many beauty brands today who give us a promise of purity they seldom hold to their promise and once they do, their products are valued too high. With this realization, in 2015, Alanna – our brand’s journey began with creating and sharing the organic, quality and flawless balance of beauty formulations which rejuvenate your skin, restore your youth and provide serenity to your body senses.
The Alanna beauty products are gentle on your skin and provide the results your skin has longed for years of using chemically infused products. With innocence in every drop of Alanna products, each mixture is curated with a specific therapeutic reason in mind.

The Magic Box for Naturally Beautiful You

The beauty ritual of every woman is her deserved time, and to add more luxury and heavenly experience to those 20 mins, Alanna presents the magic box to enchant you from head to toe. The magic box for a naturally beautiful you creates a little sea of calm amidst a busy workday before your blissful night’s sleep.