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Design Award

We are absolutely proud of the fact that we are a Make in India brand and we want to ensure that this pride reflects in every aspect of our products.

Today you don’t need to go to different parts of the world to collect the finest ingredients. India has a rich and proud heritage of the best form of beauty oils, herbs etc. that it’s gifted to the world.

Right from the ingredients, we choose to the making of our products it’s all Indian! Therefore, our packaging design signifies these facts on it.

Each of our products has a dominant ingredient and that ingredient belongs to a specific city in our country. We have therefore chosen a historical monument from each of these cities as a design for that particular flavor.

Not just that, since our main concept is also to help you know more about the unexplored beauty of our products, we have an interesting fact about an unexplored place in the country that we share with you. Apart from this we also want purity, simplicity, and elegance to reflect in our branding.