Rose and Grapeseed

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  • # Contains rosewater, rose oil and grapeseed oil
  • # Cooling and refreshing for skin
  • # Can be used as a make up settler
  • #Can also be used as a toner

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Description : Affluent with sweetly perfumed Rose essential oil, Grape seed oil and Rose water, this mist cools down the skin, tones it and revives its freshness and plumpness. It moisturizes and revitalises the skin, giving it a fresh look, pushing away the tired, dull skin. Affluent with antioxidant properties, it strengthens skin cells, regenerating new tissues. And the aroma is an added incentive that enhances your mood. Affluent with rose essential oils and grape seed oils, it is the ideal infusion of natural ingredients to keep dry skin hydrated for long hours. It is also effective in restoring the skin’s original pH balance along with adding a layer of protection on the surface of the skin by tightening the cells gaps which further reduces the chances of the penetration of impurities into the skin pores. Since it is loaded with oils, it is clearly effective to bind moisture into the skin, thus keeping away tautness with dull, tired d skin and gracing a refreshed and plumped look. The invigorating aroma enhances your mood which is an added incentive. Process: Spray a small amount on a your face and leave it without touching it until it gets absorbed. You can use it with even makeup on. Use daily as a Hydrator cum Toner. Key Ingredients : Rose water, Grape Seed Oil, Rose essential oil. Cruelty Free * Paraben Free * Sulphate Free * No Artificial Color * No Artificial Fragrance *

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