Why use natural products to take care of skin?

The skin is a sponge; whatever you apply on it gets absorbed.

In our Busy world today, we are faced with many options about what to buy, what not to buy.

This, when we are already struggling with managing our time well. In such scenarios it becomes easy for us to choose what is grandly branded, as  it sells well. But it’s not necessary that something that is branded well is always good for you. Let’s focus on skin care products for instance. There is always an uncertainty when it comes to choosing between natural or commercial market based products, which are in trend. Let me split it down for you.

We all are well aware that skin care products, the ones that aren’t natural, contain chemicals. What is a chemical? A 'chemical' is something that is prepared artificially, often containing synthetic ingredients. Many of them can bring a quick visible difference on your skin. However, once you stop using it, the effect goes away; so you start using it on a regular basis to maintain the desired effect. The sad truth is that once these chemicals come in contact with the skin, they get absorbed. Scary right!? Need more reasons to switch to Natural Skincare -

Too lazy to wait for results:

When you sow a seed, it will not bear flowers overnight; the plant will take its specified time to grow and then bear the fruits. Same is the case with natural skin care products, it will not show you visible effects overnight but will slowly and surely work towards the betterment of your skin. To your surprise most Natural products may also give you great results within a week.

To be impressive, we expect any product to show results immediately. For this reason, all the gimmicky products have taken over the market because of their instantaneity. But what happens in the longer run? The skin acts like a sponge that absorbs the harmful and toxic chemicals that seep deeply inside the layers of your skin. Side-effects like acne, skin allergies, rashes causing bumps and blisters, are often a consequence of using chemical based products continuously. Not only this but long term usage will also cause premature ageing and sagging of your skin and honestly, who wants to look old early?

Natural skin care products are also pretty much capable of showing instant results. Alanna's Activated Charcoal & Green Tea soap is a practical example for the same. It will start showing visible results within a week's time on tough problems like acne! Despite being this potential acne-fighter, it is also very suitable for sensitive skin. Check the link below -


Skin’s health:

We take efforts to maintain our health by trying to eat right. We must give our skin the right natural nourishment that can leave a long term effect on the outside as well. By using natural skin care products, you not only give the right nourishment to the outer layer but also to the deep inner layers of your skin that can help maintain it for a longer time.  As a result you become beautiful inside out.

Commercial products  are too harsh and harmful for the skin:

All products require some preservative to retain its shelf life; some products are required to be immediately used or refrigerated as soon as they are opened. Any product is capable of attracting fungus and bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with the environment. Chemical based products use preservatives that are highly toxic and will leave bad side-effects as they seep inside the skin. Natural products use natural preservatives, which might have only additional benefits if not anything else.

Environment friendly:

Another benefit of using natural skincare products is that, they will not cause harm to the environment when they go down the drain. Exfoliators have granules that help get rid of the dead skin layer. The microbeads present in the products that aren’t natural, are synthetic or plastic that can clog drains; even if they pass the drains, they can harm the aquatic life when the fishes consume these insoluble particles. Natural skincare products have ingredients that are mild on the skin and ecofriendly; they get dissolved and even when they mix with water, they will not be harmful for the aquatic life.

Be aware of what you buy: 

Lastly, we must be aware of what we are buying. There are many products in the market that look natural but we do have the handy option of reading the ingredients. If you do not understand any ingredient, make sure to search about it and know if the product is natural or chemical based.

Switch to Natural Skincare for a better future for your Skin and the Planet.

Alanna offers a range of natural products that are skin-friendly as well as ecofriendly.

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-Neha S. Rathod

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